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Making work better

While there is a lot about our jobs that we love, there are definitely parts of it we don't. Inefficiencies, miscommunication, frustration: things we've all faced, and all have dealt with in our own ways.

What if we didn't need to re-invent the wheel for each situation? What if we have a library of best practices that we can tap on?

We have a set of ideas, frameworks, and tools.
For all the challenges that we face every day at work.

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Scoping & Briefing

No more issues with WTF were you talking about meetings


Your User Manual

Get the awkward introductions to your new colleagues out of the way.


First 4-weeks Plan

Most companies' onboarding experiences suck. You don't need to suffer.


Email yourself this Tool

Email yourself this Tool

Get the scoping and briefing tool in your inbox! We'll also notify you when new versions are released, as well as additional assets and resources to make sure that you avoid misalignment as much as possible.

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