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Making work better

While there is a lot about our jobs that we love, there are definitely parts of it we don't. Inefficiencies, miscommunication, frustration: things we've all faced, and all have dealt with in our own ways.

What if we didn't need to re-invent the wheel for each situation? What if we have a library of best practices that we can tap on?

We have a set of ideas, frameworks, and tools.
For all the challenges that we face every day at work.

Scoping & Briefing

No more issues with WTF were you talking about meetings.

Your User Manual

Get the awkward introductions to your new colleagues out of the way.

First 4-weeks Plan

Most companies' onboarding experiences suck. You don't need to suffer.

Individual Goals & Check-Ins

Coming Aug 2021

Refining YOUR

Coming Sep 2021

Setting Development Goals

Coming Oct 2021

Reflections for growth

Coming Nov 2021

Agile for non-tech teams

Coming Jan 2022

Creating change at scale

Coming Feb 2022

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